What is acne?

A common occurrence amongst teenagers is the occurrence of inflamed skin and the appearance of blackheads and pimples, usually on the face, but often include the neck, back and chest area, anywhere that the sebaceous glands are present and active. Treat your acne in a professional acne centre in Johannesburg.


What causes acne?

Acne can last for a short while during the teenage years and usually clears up completely, in some instance though it remains long after adulthood has set in. This causes many to seek out professional acne removal treatment.

A hair follicle which is blocked is the starting point for acne, usually as a result of a blockage in the follicle caused by an abundance of sebum, dead skin cells and possibly any surface dirt which may have been present on the skin. Hormonal changes taking place in a teenager, boy or girl, will stimulate the sebaceous glands, facilitating the blockage.

Acne is a self-infecting skin condition, especially if treated incorrectly. Squeezing any pimples or blackheads which may appear, will lengthen the outbreak and complicate any healing, leaving unwanted scarring.


What not to do when faced with an outbreak of acne.

  1. Do not squeeze the pimples or blackheads, the blockage may free itself but if there is any infection present but the infection may also travel inwards and further spread the acne.
  2. Use approved cleaning methods and products on your skin. Certain soaps are too strong for delicate or inflamed skin and may cause further damage.
  3. Try to avoid cosmetics as they may contain ingredients which could exacerbate an acne outbreak. If you must use cosmetics, look for products which have water as the main ingredient, and even then, use sparingly.


What you can do when an outbreak happens or how to minimise the outbreak.

  1. You should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day anyway, keep at it. You don’t need the fizzy cool drinks, water helps your body flush out any impurities and toxins.
  2. Fresh fruit and vegetables are just as important, aside from all the vitamins they don’t contain any of the unhealthy components that you would find in junk food. Having a healthy digestive system goes a long way towards keeping the rest of the body healthy.
  3. Wash your hands often, and try to avoid touching your face.
  4. Use a face wash instead of soap.
  5. Do not squeeze or press any pimples or blackheads when they appear.


Acne will fade away over time, it usually only lasts through puberty and once you are out of your teens it should all have cleared up.  If your acne is unmanageable or it is affecting your life negatively help is at hand. Receive professional acne removal treatment with Fourways Aesthetic Centre, the best acne centre in Johannesburg.

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