Aromatherapy – The Advantages of this Relaxing Therapy


Scents can be more than just a passing pleasant smell. If you are feeling tired or stressed out, scents assist in lifting your mood and helping you feel more calmer.

When using scents to improve your mood or health, you’re practicing aromatherapy. This is a form of therapy where essential oils that are extracted from plants are absorbed into the body during a massage.

The scents that are released by the oil act on the hypothalamus, and a part of the brain that influences the hormones.

Less Anxiety

Research has shown that aromatherapy, especially lavender improves your mood and lessens anxiety. A study showed that aromatherapy helped patients in intensive care to feel more positive and less anxious immediately.

Energizing & Soothing

Different scents can offer different effects. For example, a fragrance such as lemon may energize and refresh, as it is an uplifting scent.

Aromas such as lavender can assist in soothing you. Breathing in this scent can take your mind off frustrations that you may experiencing. As you breathe in the scent, you are able to get out of your head for a moment.

Aromatherapy at Home

Aromatherapy is an affordable technique that you can also use at home. There are several ways you can achieve this:

  • Place essential oils inside an infuser and let the scent fill up the room.
  • Put some essential oil in about 2 cups of water, wring it out and wipe your face and neck. Keep in mind that more than three drops of essential oil is plenty. Experiment with one or two in order to keep the fragrance to your requirements.
  • Apply scented lotion to your skin.
  • Light up a scented stick.

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