How Does a Facelift Work?

Since every face has its own unique contour and shape, a facelift will be slightly different for each patient. Before your procedure, your doctor will evaluate your skin consistency and explain the surgery to you. Those who are smokers will be asked to stop at least a week or two before the surgery date and […]

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The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

Healthy, smooth, moisturised and tightly glowing skin has been the pursuit of those entering the ageing process for millennia. Understanding the pursuit of youth, it’s not surprising that most wouldn’t shy away from ‘going under the knife’ if the opportunity presented itself – nor do we blame them. However, with new advancements in the medical […]

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Ironing Out the Kinks

Ironing Out the Kinks: Innovative Mesotherapy for Cellulite

Nothing ruins the Summer season quite like looking down and realising that instead of looking great in shorts, your legs give off the appearance that you were caught in a serious hail storm. Enter crisis-mode: cellulite has arrived and long pants forecast a hot summer ahead (not in a good way). Fortunately, innovative treatment options […]

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Laser Hair Removal

From Hair Scare to Hair Bare – Laser Hair Removal

Few things feel better or boost your feminine confidence quite like running your hand down a freshly shaven or waxed leg and feeling nothing but silky smoothness. Not only does your skin feel softer, it tends to look better too as light reflects off of its smooth surface, highlighting muscle contours and giving you extra […]

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Pollution and Pores

Pollution & Pores

At some point or another, most have us have experienced skin problems of some kind; be it acne, premature ageing, rashes, sensitive or irritated skin. The usual suspects are generally the things that we put into our bodies – an unhealthy diet, for example, can create hormonal imbalances and generally unhealthy skin, a food allergy […]

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Discussing the benefits seeing a chiropractor

Having aches and pains can be painful and unnecessary to deal with. Seeing a specialist who can get to the core of the problem and sort it out is where you should be heading. We discuss what a chiropractor does, the benefits of going to a chiropractor and how seeing a chiropractor regularly can benefit […]

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Chemical Peels

Skin Problems Addressed by Chemical Peels

As you age your skin stops producing the collagen and elastin than helps it retain its plumpness and vibrance. This is a natural part of ageing that results in fine-lines, tired looking skin and dull tones, all of which are all but unavoidable. These effects of ageing can be combatted effectively however with the help […]

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Aromatherapy Advantages

Aromatherapy – The Advantages of this Relaxing Therapy

Scents can be more than just a passing pleasant smell. If you are feeling tired or stressed out, scents assist in lifting your mood and helping you feel more calmer. When using scents to improve your mood or health, you’re practicing aromatherapy. This is a form of therapy where essential oils that are extracted from […]

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Facts About Acne

Facing the Facts about Acne

A Disease of the PSUs Clinically, we describe acne as a disease of features known as pilosebaceous units. PSU’s are found just underneath the skin surface, numerous on the face, chest and upper back, PSU’s have sebaceous glands, which connect to your hair follicles. The sebaceous glands are what produce the sebum, which is an […]

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Advantages of Massage Therapy

Advantages of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment application which is becoming extremely popular. Before, it was considered an alternative approach, but now it is much more popular. Now that message therapy is seen as a mainstream treatment choice, many insurance establishments offer coverage for these treatments. Massage therapy involves a hands-on approach in order to increase circulation, […]

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