What you should know about lip fillers

Sometimes referred to as lip augmentation or plumping using lip fillers has become an increasingly popular means of keeping the pout  perfect. Most commonly a doctor or trained aesthetic clinician will inject hyaluronic acid into the lip at strategic points in order to achieve an even plumpness. What is hyaluronic acid?  Hyaluronic Acid is a compound […]

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What do you want from a Facial Filler?

There seems to be a need to know a woman’s age, and somehow by knowing that number we can judge her worth and also know her abilities. Socially allowing not so much age but the appearance thereof to influence our behaviour towards those we meet. As an example if you are in the habit of […]

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Yogassage – A combined treatment

As the name suggests, Yogassage is a combination of yoga and massage. A series of positions or poses which hold the benefits of yoga and while the muscles are being massaged to help ease your body into position, this will also make holding the position for any period of time easier.  The entire session is […]

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Mesotherapy – More than just an interesting idea

Although pioneered in the earlier half of the 20th century the application of the compounds used in Mesotherapy were only recently being introduced to the pores via facial steaming. This method in itself was a relatively new procedure, being used for less than five years. However in the years following this manner of application technology […]

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Telangiectasia or Spider Veins

You may not have noticed them before but if you have been spending a lot of time standing or your weight is a bit higher than it should be, you might see small veins just below the surface of the skin on your legs.  These are commonly called spider veins. Although they don’t cause any […]

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‘Me’ time for your skin

Having a ‘me’ day and spending a few hours getting pampered every once in a while is high on the list of things most women treasure. As women have been allowing themselves less and less time in an attempt to successfully compete in a male dominated world, and trying to keep the family functioning as […]

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The cost of Facial Fillers

What if someone told you that it is possible to lift your unfortunate acne scars and make them less visible? Or if you could regain that healthy full faced glow you had as a younger you? Most commonly facial fillers are used to fill out wrinkles and lines on the face and also to help […]

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Laser Hair Removal – What you should know

Having unwanted hair can be the cause of embarrassment and discomfort, but one does not always have the time or fair warning to remove these unwanted hairs.  Laser Hair Removal is an effective manner of reducing hair on a long-term basis. How does hair grow? The follicle or root of the hair is underneath the […]

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Understanding Cellulite

The uneven deposits of fat which cause the skin to look mis-shapen and bumpy is called cellulite. Often referred to as hail damage or orange peel skin cellulite is most prevalent on the buttocks and thighs.  The unevenness is caused by the fat deposits pushing against the connective tissue. Who is affected by cellulite? Cellulite […]

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Keep Looking Youthful

We all age at the same pace, but the reflection of our age in our appearance differs radically from person to person. That is because our bodies react to the aging process at differing rates and the areas in which aging is noticed differs from person to person. Which is why some individuals may show […]

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