Get Skin-Savvy with a Professional Analysis

There are so many skin treatments and skin products on the market that knowing where to start and which products or services would serve you best can prove challenging. Consultations that provide in-depth skin examinations, using tried and tested diagnostic tools, yield the best results for implementing corrective treatment regimens that actually work. When it comes to corrective treatment for ageing skin and acne problems alike, a skin analysis is one of the best places to start.

Know Your Skin Type

Not knowing your skin type almost guarantees that you will be using the wrong products or regimen to target skin problems. Using the wrong products will most certainly do nothing to begin targeting your skin issues, and could in fact contribute to and exasperate problems further. As an example, using certain types of products on sensitive skin could result in an uncomfortable and unsightly adverse reaction.

Knowing whether or not you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin helps to establish which products and treatments would be most effective to combat your particular skin issues.

How Often Should a Skin Analysis Be Done?

At least every time that you visit a spa for a facial – regularly. This may sound excessive, but our skin changes and adapts throughout our lives. Each new age category means that our skin undergoes various changes. An analysis can look out for acne and potential causes, the start of fine lines and wrinkles as well as which areas need concentrated treatment for vast improvement.


Getting a regular analysis is also a great way to document your skin’s gradual improvement, especially if you have been using a regimen that was personalised for your skin care routine. It’s great to see that it has been well worth it.


Professional Analysis

It’s a process that has numerous benefits for skin care and treatment. As an added bonus, skin analysis does not consume too much time and is pain-free. Looking for a skin analysis? Be sure to seek out qualified professionals that have the necessary diagnostic tools available to them. For more information, contact the team at Fourways Aesthetics Centre, or visit their website for more information.