Getting Your Fill

If you’ve reached that point in your life where looking in the mirror sparks a mission impossible scenario in your head and prompts you to ask yourself what anti-ageing or renewal treatments are best to target your specific fine lines and wrinkles, then this is for you. The truth is, there is nothing mission impossible about it – there are a range of options out there that can have the desirable and more youthful effects that you are hoping for, without the complexities that you may be envisioning.

Dermal Fillers

Yes, this sounds scary and we have all heard the horror stories that have made us think twice. What we should be thinking twice about is going to ‘medical aestheticians’ who have no prior reputations and no proof of their qualifications. If you are in the hands of true professionals, safety is nothing to worry about because your dermal fillers won’t consist of questionable silicone substitutes.

So, What’s in Them?

Basically, a substance that is naturally found in your skin – hyaluronic acid. This acid has the ability to store water and it plumps up your skin cells to give you a more youthful appearance and fill deep lines and wrinkles. Most reputable aesthetic centres use hyaluronic acid as their preferred choice. With that being said, since hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, it breaks down in the skin quicker and results don’t last as long as synthetic fillers.

Synthetic fillers contain micro polymer agents that encourage the area that they have been injected into to produce more collagen for a plumper effect. Allergic reactions are a low risk as most of the synthetic fillers have been produced from natural derivatives and have medical track records of being safe. Their synthetic makeup also means that they last longer.

Why Consider Dermal Fillers?

It’s a tried and tested cosmetic procedure that has long-lasting results; six to eighteen months for hyaluronic acid and two years or more for synthetic fillers. Results are targeted which means you have full rein to work on the areas that bother you the most. For more information and professional advice, contact Fourways Aesthetic Centre or visit their website – don’t forget to ask about fillers for your lips.