From Hair Scare to Hair Bare – Laser Hair Removal

From Hair Scare to Hair Bare – Laser Hair Removal

Few things feel better or boost your feminine confidence quite like running your hand down a freshly shaven or waxed leg and feeling nothing but silky smoothness. Not only does your skin feel softer, it tends to look better too as light reflects off of its smooth surface, highlighting muscle contours and giving you extra definition.

The Persistent Hair Scare

Fast forward a few days (a week or so if you are one of the lucky ones) and those pesky little hairs that you dedicated time to removing are beginning to tauntingly poke through once more. For the guy or girl on the go, this is inconvenient to say the least and for most of us, has resulted in embarrassment one too many times. It’s a cycle that you are bound to repeat throughout your life, unless, you opt for laser hair-removal.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

A permanent solution to an otherwise prevalent problem; laser hair removal eradicates time consuming, painful and inconsistent attempts to remove your hair regularly. Say goodbye to unsightly ingrown hairs, rashes, dry skin and emergency long pants for those events that have caught you off-guard. By permanently and effectively removing your hair, you’ll have peace of mind that at any given moment, your sleek femininity or clean-cut trendiness is ready to shine through.

How Does it Work?

Traditional hair removal methods focus on cutting the hair finely, which often results in ingrown hairs being trapped under the skin, or pulling the hair from the root which is consistently painful and tough on skin. Both solutions are temporary and short-lived. Laser hair removal focuses on the hair follicle itself, eradicating the root entirely to ensure new growth cannot occur via the strategic use of light, heat energy and of course, medical aesthetic know-how.

Looking to Get Zapped?

Finding a reputable medical aesthetics centre is your first course of action. If you’re in Johannesburg, you’ll be able to undergo laser hair removal at Fourways Aesthetic Centre, carefully conducted by trained and knowledgeable professionals who wield the power of the Palomar Icon Laser. For more information, contact them or visit their website.