Ironing Out the Kinks Innovative Mesotherapy for Cellulite

Ironing Out The Kinks: Innovative Mesotherapy For Cellulite

Nothing ruins the Summer season quite like looking down and realising that instead of looking great in shorts, your legs give off the appearance that you were caught in a serious hail storm. Enter crisis-mode: cellulite has arrived and long pants forecast a hot summer ahead (not in a good way).

Fortunately, innovative treatment options in the aesthetic world now mean that cellulite is not necessarily here to stay. If you haven’t heard of Mesotherapy yet, stick around and let us ‘iron out the kinks’ for you.


The skin is the largest organ of the human body and as such, has a life cycle of its very own. Skin cells are constantly being renewed and the entire process requires plenty of nutrients, hydration, minerals and amino acids to ensure that cell function is at optimal levels.

What would be the fastest way to ensure that your skin is getting an abundance of the nutrients it needs? Injecting these nutrients and ensuring they reach their target source in high concentrations, of course. Welcome to the innovative world of Mesotherapy.

What Are the Benefits for Skin?

Sufficiently nourished skin is naturally plumper and more likely to produce collagen and elastin to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and, the dreaded killer of summer, cellulite. As an added bonus, mesotherapy has been known to promote weight-loss by having a direct effect on localised fat deposits. The end result is hydrated, glowing skin that is smoother in appearance and better able to repair itself whilst combating the signs of aging.

Does It Hurt?

They say that “beauty is pain”, but those who have undergone mesotherapy describe it as being uncomfortable at best as opposed to horrendously painful – the procedure is non-invasive and does not require serious recovery time. Still nervous? Whilst needleless injections have come to the light in the medical world, the medical aesthetic industry is just as advanced; mesotherapy can be administered without needles using low-pressure jet injectors.

Where Can I Get Mesotherapy?

The best treatment always means finding the best professionals and as such, you should be on the lookout for reputable medical aesthetic centres. If you are based in Johannesburg, Fourways Aesthetic Centre offers mesotherapy and a range of other aesthetic treatments suited to your needs. For more information, contact them or visit their website.