Pollution and Pores

Pollution and Pores

At some point or another, most have us have experienced skin problems of some kind; be it acne, premature ageing, rashes, sensitive or irritated skin. The usual suspects are generally the things that we put into our bodies – an unhealthy diet, for example, can create hormonal imbalances and generally unhealthy skin, a food allergy can result in skin rashes, using the wrong products can have a negative effect on sensitive skin, whilst we all know that smoking escalates the ageing process of skin.

External Factors Influencing Skin

But what about the external factors that may be influencing our skin? Sure, most of us take the sun into consideration and (hopefully) take the appropriate measures to combat its effects on our skin, but there is another culprit that we may be neglecting to take into consideration; pollution. You’ve most likely seen or heard about the effects pollution can have on our planet, so think about the effects it may be having on your skin!


Resultant particles from pollution are often small enough to penetrate the skin, transcending through the layers of the epidermis where these particles are able to breakdown collagen and lipids. Collagen and lipids directly affect the skin’s elasticity and ability to maintain hydration. Just as pollution damages the Ozone layer, it damages the protective barrier of your skin, leaving you more susceptible to breakouts and premature ageing – we hear your shrieks of horror!

The Solution

How do you combat pollution and its effects on your skin? By maintaining a well-structured skin care routine. The routine needs to focus on removing pollution particles through deeply cleansing, then giving your skin an infusion of moisture that may have been depleted as a result and rebuilding your skin barrier. Antioxidants are also imperative when it comes to maintaining healthy skin.

A Skin Care Routine Just for You

If you’re in Johannesburg, finding a professional medical aesthetic centre is a failproof way of ensuring that you are equipped with the best skin care routine for your specific skin needs. With state-of-the-art product ranges such as Neostrata and SkinCeuticals, Fourways Aesthetic Centre is your one-stop skin shop for combating pollution amongst a range of other skin issues and threats. Contact them today or visit their website for more information.