The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

Healthy, smooth, moisturised and tightly glowing skin has been the pursuit of those entering the ageing process for millennia. Understanding the pursuit of youth, it’s not surprising that most wouldn’t shy away from ‘going under the knife’ if the opportunity presented itself – nor do we blame them. However, with new advancements in the medical aesthetic field and innovation like we’ve never seen before, similar results can now be achieved through minimally invasive procedures.

Thread Lifts

If you’re desperately seeking your youthful looks, finding them again via a thread lift may be the precise answer you have been looking for. Thread lifts involve the insertion of bidirectional cones into the hairline via tiny incisions. These cones hold and tauten the skin through targeted placement. As an additional bonus, the materials used in these cones are materials that are fully absorbable within two years of insertion, and are nutritionally valuable to your skin.


Why Is it Worth It?

A thread lift offers instant results with many of the perks of a surgical face lift, without having to undergo an actual, large-scale surgical procedure. This also means that recovery time is drastically reduced, bruising and scarring is kept to a minimum (if even visible at all) and everyone will be wanting to know your secret! The best part is, you’ll never have to tell, if you don’t want to. As if those benefits weren’t enough, the procedure itself encourages


Who Are the Best Candidates for a Thread Lift?

If you are between the ages of thirty to sixty with mild or early signs of ageing, a thread lift is definitely the option for you. Thread lifts also work wonders on sagging skin, with results that last up to two years before the procedure may need to be redone.

Unveil Your Youth Again

Finding a reputable medical aesthetics centre is your first course of action. If you’re in Johannesburg, you’ll be able to undergo a thread lift procedure at Fourways Aesthetic Centre, where carefully trained professionals bring out stunning results, using the best tools and materials suited for the job.