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Chemical peels cause skin regeneration and can be used to treat fine lines, photo-ageing, teenage skin problems, acne scars, pigmentation, keratosis and stretch marks. They can be used on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Skin texture is refined and the complexion becomes clearer and brighter.

Fourways Aesthetic Centre is proud to announce the launch of the Skin Tech range of extremely effective skin rejuvenation products comprised of 2 principal groups which complement each other: peelings and daily care creams.

Skin Tech offers a full range of peels with varying peeling depths, from epidermal to reticular dermis peels. They are effective, easy to use and particularly reliable. There are 3 different types of peels: Light, Medium and Deep.


Easy TCA is the most internationally known Skin Tech brand of medium depth chemical peels for skin regeneration and is used to treat fine lines, photo ageing, teenage skin problems, acne scars, pigmentation, keratoses, stretch marks, etc.

Easy Phytic Solution is a time-release solution, enabling strong dermal stimulation. This is a slow-release, superficial peel designed for patients who don’t want or can’t afford to have visible flaking. Easy Phytic evens out the complexion and has a marked tightening effect. It also helps to erase acne marks.

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Optimise Results with Skin Tech Daily Care

To optimise peeling results whilst keeping secondary effects to a minimum, Skin Tech’s daily care creams have been specially formulated for the most sensitive skins (between and after peels). Our range of products answers all your patient’s skincare needs.


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