Consultation & VISIA™ Skin Analysis
VISIA™ Skin Analysis | VISIA™ Skin Consultation | Fourways Aesthetic Centre

Looking after your skin is a team effort.

Welcome to Fourways Aesthetic Centre, where we assess and treat your skin concerns to ensure realistic and individualised results.

VISIA™ Skin Analysis | VISIA™ Skin Consultation | Fourways Aesthetic Centre

During your first consultation with Dr Bart Kurek, you will discuss your personal concerns. Then, following a VISIA™ skin analysis, Dr Bart will create a comprehensive, customised treatment plan. This plan takes into consideration your expectations, budget, and what we can naturally achieve to ensure you look naturally rejuvenated. This plan forms the map of your journey to youthful skin.

Initial Consultation with the Doctor (including Visia® Skin Analysis*)
(*Valued at R300)


The VISIA™ Complexion and Skin Analysis system offers a multi-spectral complexion analysis. It records high quality, standardised photography with clear, cross-polarised UV filters to consistently analyse and track your progress.

The system can look deep into your skin to determine the root cause of your specific skin ageing. In addition, the vast database stored in the VISIA™ allows us to analyse your skin in relation to your peers of the same skin type, age, and gender.

Before you continue with any treatment, Dr Bart will explain the procedure to you. He will go through the duration of the treatment, downtime you should expect of the procedure, and more importantly, the results, and explain the intervals and frequency you may need the procedure repeated.

Only once you are comfortable to continue will we take the next steps. Skincare is very personal and you may want to take time to consider the treatment plan. We understand this and encourage you be informed prior to going ahead with a procedure. Looking after your skin is a team effort, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Your initial consultation, including Visia® Skin Analysis**, will cost R650.

If you’d like more information on the treatments we offer at Fourways Aesthetic Centre, please continue to browse our website. We also offer skincare products from leading brands that we are proud to be associated with. Contact us today to book your consultation.

*Valued at R300


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