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Forgot to shave and embarrassed to leave your skin exposed? Laser hair removal is permanent, safe and painless. No more cuts while shaving, or painful waxing every few weeks that leaves your skin damaged and unsightly. Feel confident in your own skin today with laser skin treatment.

At Fourways Aesthetic Centre, we bring you the Palomar Icon Laser. Palomar is a market leader in Aesthetic Laser technology. As opposed to waxing, Laser hair removal doesn’t just remove the hair, but targets the hair follicles, and selectively eliminates the hair root thus stopping new hair growth altogether.

The Palomar Icon Laser offers class-leading spot size, meaning that treatments are much faster and also less painful than its competitors. The Skintel system also individualizes energy delivery to your skin’s tolerance, thus making it the safest system available.

Skin Rejuvenation: The Gold Standard

Laser skin rejuvenation with the Palomar Icon Laser takes skin stimulation and results to a new level.

Laser skin rejuvenation is indicated for the following conditions:

Fourways Aesthetic Centre offers the Fractional NON-ablative skin resurfacing, meaning that you get the benefits of the laser, but minimal downtime, as the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) is kept intact.

Photofacials: Deep sun damage and Pigmentation now has a solution

We also offer a solution for deep stubborn pigment caused by severe sun damage. You may not realise the extent to which your skin may be damaged. When we neglect sunscreen, the sun can severely hurt the deeper layers of the skin, not only the surface. This continues to cause long-lasting blemishes surfacing and sallowness.

After identification during the Visia Skin analysis, we offer you the OPL photofacial. This targets both blood vessels, as well as deep-seated pigment, to prevent its eventual surfacing, as well as encouraging the skin to further heal the deep damage.


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