Fourways Aesthetic Center The Process and Benefits of a PRP Treatment

The Process and Benefits of a PRP Treatment

Breakthroughs in medical science are constantly reworking the ways in which we approach looking after our own health. PRP treatments and injections are one such way, and the best thing about it is that the process uses your own body’s resources to repair your skin by concentrating what would already be a natural bodily function of yours. But what are PRP treatments? How do they work, and what are their advantages for the human body? Find out more right here.

What is a PRP Treatment

PRP treatments (or Platelet Rich Plasma treatments) harness the healing powers of our own blood cells to treat a range of skin disorders such as premature ageing, acne, eczema and others; but can also be applied to other remedies. The process is simple and fairly painless, involving the following steps.

  1. First, blood is extracted from the body through the arm.
  2. This blood is then separated in a centrifuge machine so that it can be divided into its factors. In doing this, the platelets can be isolated and treated for later use.
  3. After extraction and separation, platelets in the blood are activated to take advantage of their growth properties.
  4. Once it has been prepared, the platelets are used to re-infect damaged tissue, so that it can begin the natural healing process.

Blood platelets have remarkable healing properties. They are the part of your blood that first appears after an injury, which is dedicated to scabbing the wound so that it can start being healed by the body. By using these platelets to treat disorders, they provide the same natural remedy, only far more concentrated.

The Benefits of PRP Treatments

PRP treatments and injections hold a number of benefits and applications in the medical field. The process has been used to heal and treat a number of injuries and ailments including sports injuries, cartilage degeneration, arthritis in the joints, inflammatory conditions, gynaecological conditions, skin rejuvenation and is even used to treat erectile dysfunction.

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