The NeoStrata skin care was developed by Dr Van Scott and Dr Yu, the Dermatologists who created the first glycolic peel and who discovered the rejuvenating powers of alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids (AHA’s and PHA’s). Products formulated with Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs), Poly-Hydroxy acids (PHAs) and/or Bionic acids, have been clinically proven to improve the visible signs of ageing, including:

  • Premature ageing / sun damaged skin
  • Dry, dull and dehydrated skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation (dark spots)
  • Acne scarring / oily and acne prone skin

NeoStrata is scientifically advanced and clinically proven to visibly resurface, restore and refine your skin. The skincare range is formulated to address specific needs. Targeted treatments and peels are also available.

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  1. Skin Active Anti-ageing System
  2. NeoStrata Enlighten Trio
  3. NeoStrata Resurface
  4. NeoStrata Restore
  5. NeoStrata Refine
  6. NeoStrata Targeted Treatment
  7. Skin Rejuvenation System


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